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Cover Letter Writing Tips


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VMock SMART Resume Platform is now available for all UNA Students!

The VMock platform will analyze your resume from EVERY possible angle and help you arrive at a perfect version of yourself!

VMock, is a 24-7 online resume-review tool, that leverages data-science, 机器学习, and natural language processing to provide instant personalized feedback on your resume based on criteria gathered from employers and global best practices. VMock is designed to work with resumes from many different fields across various industries.

在上面注册 VMock using your UNA 门户网站 username and password, upload (PDF只) or create a resume, and VMock will:

  • 为您提供 简历指导方针 based on your school template to ensure that you do not miss the fine details and establish a great first impression
  • Assess how well you have marketed 你的核心竞争力, showcase the right skill being reflected in academics, 经验, 成就等.
  • 给你 line-by-line suggestions 根据你的课程和经验水平来完善你的简历内容
  • 给你一个 简历总分(争取达到70%,这可能需要多次重新打分) 以你的同龄人为基准来评估你简历的实力

一旦你收到详细的反馈,使用内置的 智能编辑器 to convert your resume into a university complaint template and continue improving your bullets. 

You can also send a feedback request to your counselor via the Network Feedback module from within the platform.

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联系 careercenter@nihaohefei.com or support@vmock.com 如果有问题.


  • not an absolute right or wrong way to write a résumé; however, there are ways that look more aesthetically pleasing than others.
  • We 与雇主合作 on a daily basis to ensure that we are giving you the best advice when it comes to writing a résumé.
  • 请记住 templates are not your friend. A lot of online employment systems are unable to read templates due to the use of text boxes. 使用空白文档, such as Word, to create your résumé.
  • 10 tips to writing a resume (External Link).



The sample résumés listed below are to be used as a guide when creating your résumé. If we do not have a specific sample for your major, you may use any of the samples listed below.  

请与我们联络 careercenter@nihaohefei.com if you need a resume sample in accessible format.


创造性的简历—No matter how clever the design, a résumé will still need to convey to the employer your potential to bring value to the organization. If you put all your effort into the style of your résumé, you may neglect to develop the substance. Focus first on the content of your résumé. 想想你作为志愿者做过的有创意的项目, 组织成员, 员工, or intern that demonstrates your talents. 雇主们建议通过作品集来提升创造力. Research the organization to which you’re applying and try to determine if a more cutting-edge résumé design is your best bet. 如果公司每个职位收到数百个résumés, 你可能会选择一个从其他设计中脱颖而出的设计. If using a more creative style, be mindful of the fact that some Applicant Tracking systems may not be able to read the graphics, 文本框, etc.   

Resumes for Government Jobs— Résumés for federal jobs include more details than those written for jobs in private industries. You can begin building a résumé for federal employment in the same way you build any résumé--by listing jobs, skills, 成就, 项目, 领导职位, 和活动. After generating this list, visit www.federaljobresume.com or www.usajobs.gov 学习如何将你的资料转换成所需的格式.  

国际的简历—If you are interested in working in another country, be sure to research guidelines for writing an appropriate résumé for your desired location. A resource that may help you is www.transitionsabroad.com. 

The Military-to-Civilian Résumé 军事经验提供了发展一系列技能的机会, many of which transfer to civilian jobs. When you review potential job descriptions, you may quickly identify specific responsibilities in the military that allowed you to learn or strengthen those skills and abilities. Once you begin targeting jobs, you’ll want to write a résumé that includes your military 经验 described in terms readily understood by someone without a military background. 避免使用军事术语、缩写和首字母缩写. Focus on the skills you developed in leadership, 沟通, 团队合作, 管理, 监督, 培训, 翻译, 协调, 规划, 监控, 和组织. A resource to help you translate your military 经验 and job titles into terms familiar to civilian employers is the Veterans’ 就业 & Training Service Transition Assistance Program: www.dol.gov /审查/项目 



Cover Letter Writing Tips

Once you’ve identified positions to apply for, it’s time to prepare your application materials.  You should include a cover letter each time you submit your résumé for a position. The cover letter is your opportunity to highlight your skills and qualifications and to explain why those 经验s make you a good candidate for the job. Do not just reiterate your résumé. Instead, focus on several key areas and go into detail including what you did and what you learned. 

  • 总是 裁缝 your cover letter to the specific organization and job for which you are applying.  Research the organization and include sentences that correspond to the job duties or qualifications from the job description. 雇主会知道你的求职信是否是通用的和大批量的.  
  • When submitting a résumé by email, consider the body of your email as the cover letter. 在你的电子邮件签名中包含你的联系方式. 
  • When submitting your application by web upload or mail, the cover letter should be typed in the same font as your résumé in business letter format. 求职信的标题应该与résumé的标题相匹配. The letter should be 3 or 4 paragraphs and should not exceed one page in length. 

记住,求职信是你写作能力的一个样本. 雇主 will assume that the quality of your letter is indicative of the quality of your work. Proofread and spell check carefully! 

称呼 – Never address your letter "To Whom it May Concern.” If you don't know whom to send the letter to, call and request the name of the person who is responsible for hiring entry-level professionals in your area. You can also check the company’s website directory to find names of people to contact.  一定要记下姓名和头衔(以及正确的拼写). 只要有可能, avoid sending your letter to the personnel department as it generally does not have the power to hire - only the power to screen you out. 

节中,我 – Your opening sentence should state the purpose of your letter (your objective). Mention a name if you have permission (e.g., John Smith recommended I contact you.). 你还应该提到你是怎么知道这份工作的,以及为什么你对这份工作感兴趣. 试着让第一段有趣以吸引读者的注意力. 

第二节 -强调你所拥有的能让你胜任这份工作的特殊优势, 但是不要一字不差地重复résumé上的信息. Highlight coursework, skills, or 经验s that will be of greatest interest to the organization. Reference actual job duties from the job description. This section can be more than one paragraph and should answer the question, “Why should I hire you?“将你的技能和经验与职位描述相匹配. 

第三节 – Thank the reader for their consideration. Indicate your desire for a personal interview and state how the employer should contact you (phone, email). Offer any assistance to help in a speedy response.   



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