UNA’s Enrollment Breaks Records, Tops 8,800 Students for First Time

11月. 1, 2021

Michelle 尤班克斯, UNA, at meubanks@nihaohefei.com, 256-606-2033 or 256-765-4392

佛罗伦萨,艾尔 Enrollment at the University of North 阿拉巴马州 has broken all previous enrollment records set at the institution as it tops 8,800 students for Fall 2021. This marks the 11th consecutive term of record enrollment, 而且 it sets UNA apart from other universities in 阿拉巴马州, making it by far the fastest-growing university in the state.

“Thanks to the hard work of many on campus to achieve this milestone, we can say with assurance that the University of North 阿拉巴马州 is no longer the best-kept secret among higher education institutions in 阿拉巴马州,” said UNA President Dr. 肯•基茨. “The UNA br而且 is strong thriving, even in a challenging environment, 而且 this is a significant occasion in our 历史.”

Among the top reasons for this five percent growth in enrollment for Fall 2021 are:

  • A nine percent increase in first-time, full-time freshmen on campus;

  • UNA’s 截然不同的ion as 阿拉巴马州’s Workforce Development University, with an increased programmatic focus on Computer Science 而且 Information Systems, 工程, 业务 Administration, 护理 而且 Health Professions, 社会工作, 而且 Elementary 教育;

  • Growth in the Delores 而且 Weldon Cole 荣誉 College, now with more than 635 members;

  • A robust return of international students to the UNA campus; 而且

  • North 阿拉巴马州 Online 区域, national, 而且 international br而且 resonance.

“UNA’s record enrollment for the 11th straight term – in stark contrast to statewide, 区域, 而且 national enrollment declines – is laudable, 截然不同的, 而且 noteworthy. It’s a testament to the quality of our on-campus, 在线, 而且 workforce-focused programs that lead directly to good jobs 而且 career advancement,博士说. Ross Alex而且er, Provost 而且 Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs. “Firmly established as the ‘first choice’ institution of myriad students 区域ly, 在全国范围内, 而且 inter在全国范围内, UNA has been appropriately recognized as the fastest- growing university in the State of 阿拉巴马州”

In addition to the record-breaking enrollment, UNA has also experienced a record six-year graduation rate, which places the institution well among its aspirational peers in higher education across the United States.

About The University of North 阿拉巴马州

The University of North 阿拉巴马州 is an accredited, comprehensive 区域 state university offering undergraduate 而且 graduate degree programs through the colleges of Arts 而且 Sciences, 业务, 教育 而且 Human Sciences, 而且 the Anderson College of 护理 而且 Health Professions. Occupying a 130-acre campus in a residential section of Florence, 阿拉巴马州, UNA is located within a four-city area that also includes Muscle Shoals, 谢菲尔德, 和Tuscumbia. UNA田径, a renowned collegiate athletics program with seven (7) Division II National Championships, is now a proud member of the NCAA Division I’s ASUN Big South Conference. The University of North 阿拉巴马州 is an equal opportunity institution 而且 does not discriminate in the admission policy on the basis of race, color, 性, 宗教, 残疾, 年龄, or national origin. 更多信息: www.nihaohefei.com 而且 www.nihaohefei.com/unaworks/